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Thesis Five

That a punk ethic and attitude can help revitalise and reframe museological and museographic practices, making them more relevant and politically powerful

Fuck the message, fuck its good intentions

And all that it done for a new generation

You can't fight back if you won't stand up

Being positive is no longer enough

                    "RMA (Revolutionary Mental Attitude)", Stick to Your Guns

How to do this? How

- to constantly push for better

- to throw off the shackles of your heavy, dead past

- to step away from money and power and stand alone

- to be the space of change and discord and empowerment


- Rebel

- Reject authority

- Reject idealism

- Be aggressive

- Embrace D.I.Y

- Liberate yourself from nostalgia

- Swagger

In rebelling, you free yourself to stand up for your identity and beliefs.

In rejecting existing authority, you empower yourselves and others.

In rejecting idealism, you will never be satisfied and always push for more.

In aggression, you will find passion and humanity.

In D.I.Y, you will find the means to create your own self.

In discarding nostalgia, you free yourself to make something new.

In swaggering, you put yourself under scrutiny. You will make a statement. You will not always be right. But you will own your error, and you will learn. You will always be visible. And thus, you will always be able - and obliged - to make a space for the voice of those normally silenced.