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Thesis Four

That museums are capable of providing space for political, cultural and social debate and are duty bound to do so

Got sand under your feet

Dancing to a different beat

I like shows and pogoing

You like princesses that sing

"Anarchy and Disney", The Dollypots

What a pity to tie yourself to the man. To the bordello of historicism. To bureaucracy. To the limits of someone else's imagination.

You hold the world.

And you should not let it be silent. You should not be silent.

Silence isn’t neutral. It serves only the oppressor. There is no such thing as silent solidarity.

You should let it sing its soul from your rooftops. And you should sing alongside.

You should let it break apart and all its manifold parts to debate and fight and kiss and touch and love.

You, you keepers of life's multitudes: let them scream

- at you

- at each other

- at themselves

You alone can pull together the fractured corners of the world in one place.

If you are not it's forum for debate - who is?