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Thesis Three

That museums are often afraid of direct political action for fear of losing government support/sponsorship

Step right up folks

Anarchy for sale!

T-shirts only 10 dollars

Badges only 3.50

I nicked the design, never asked the band

Never listen to them either

"Anarchy for Sale", Dead Kennedys

To some extent, museums are much more aware of the need to carefully manage sponsors and funding sources - though Greenpeace's recent protest at the British Museum suggests that we might be further from an ideal state than one might hope.

Sponsorship and finance are hard.

Getting it wrong dooms you.

Relying on government funds ties you to a temporary hegemony and their whims.

It costs you your own political identity. It costs you your clout. It costs you your morals.

Tying yourself to money forces a passive acceptance of that which is, not an active involvement in what might be.

That museums still rely on fossil fuel sponsorship - on banks - on governments - to exist is a sad testament to their status as pets leashed to the establishment. Not creatures in their own right.

Not beings with thoughts and feelings and wishes and desires and political stances, made up of collectives of diverse beings with thoughts and feelings and wishes and desires and political stances.

We struggle for survival. And sometimes, to survive, we lash ourselves to cash.

Perhaps this should only be a last resort. Taken in extremis, and only if the end is a greater good.