Ask yourself: Do you think that museums are doing enough to provide space for political, social and cultural debate? Do you run a project our have an idea for a project that can disrupt museum practice reflecting the punk/DIY ethic to make museums more exciting and edgier places? Then welcome! You’re in the right place.

The Punk Museology project is looking to connect like-minded museum enthusiasts and practitioners to share their work and discuss their ideas and methods. Check out our manifesto, get involved in our call to action and gain inspiration from our blog and featured projects

Coming soon: we hope to produce zines and blog posts that will be available here and signpost to other content around the web to inspire, engage and raise awareness of alternative practice, discuss the ethics of such work and provoke change. We would like this to be collaborative, so suggest your own project, an idea for a project or a project that has impressed and enthused you.

Come in, make yourself at home, get your hands dirty, get involved!


This project seeks submissions relating to active political involvement, small institutions, unusual and non-establishment practices and collections, craftivism, direct action and protest in museums, a sense of DIY, and more. They may be actual interventions, or dream-things.

The project will produce a zine and social media presence with the aim of raising awareness of alternative practice amongst the museum community - sharing ideas, practices and ethics in order sometimes to shock, and always to provoke change.